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    Farms and Meadows Hidden Objects

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    This score was recorded on Fri Feb 09, 2018 12:15 pm.

  • Game description
  • Laura enjoys her country escapade against her hectic city life by admiring the greens, meadows and other animals. Her fun was enhanced as she found hidden objects and you could join her search and share the fun.

  • Game controller
  • Click on the places that you suspect of hiding objects. You score points for clicking the right hideouts, but oops! You also get negative points for the wrong guesses. The counter of hidden objects decreases as you find more hidden objects and just search all the objects before you run out of time.

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  • Balance: 0 Points
    Cost: None
    Super champion reward: 50 Points
    Reward: 10 Points

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    Game type: Flash
    Save type: IBPRO
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